Ph.D. Dissertations

At EditEagle, we specialize in editing and proofreading of Ph.D. dissertations in science and engineering. This includes not only text editing, but also guidance on figures, plots and images.

Master's Theses

A Master's thesis can be just as challenging as a Ph.D. dissertation, since the student is earlier in their academic career. At EditEagle, we also provide editing and proofreading services for Master's theses.

Journal Papers

Journal and conference papers require the same level of attention to detail and thoroughness. These works become the building blocks for future dissertations and theses. EditEagle can help!

Does your dissertation, thesis or paper need editing or proofreading help?

Is your advisor asking you to seek outside help for your dissertation or thesis?

Not getting the assistance you need from your on-campus writing center?

At EditEagle, we understand. Putting together a dissertation, thesis or journal paper requires careful editing and attention to detail. EditEagle can help...

We have decades of experience working with many students to turn their dissertation or thesis into a sufficiently edited document of which they can be proud. This also helps ensure that their advisors and graduate committee members are satisfied, too!

Our services are offered at affordable prices and aggressive schedules can be accommodated. Multiple document formats, including TeX, are supported.

Contact us for additional information and to see how EditEagle can help you accomplish your publishing goals effectively and efficiently.

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