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What's a typical flow for this service?

After you contact us, we will reply inquiring about file types, goals, desired schedule, etc.. We then typically do an initial (example) editing of a limited number of pages for a small fee. Then, if everyone involved is in agreement, we will establish the full fees and expected schedule. Following that a quote will be generated and provided.

What's a typical turn-around time for this service?

This is heavily dependent on the starting quality of the work to be edited and on the amount of editing required and can vary from several days to multiple weeks. This can often be determined to a reasonable accuracy after the initial sample editing has been performed. An expected schedule will be provided with the quote.

Does the sample editing fee count towards the full document editing fee?

Yes, we will apply the fee paid for the sample editing as a discount towards the full editing fee.

Can this be done on a chapter-by-chapter or page-by-page basis?

Yes, we can work on a chapter-by-chapter or page-by-page basis. We understand how these documents are generated. The full document does not need to be provided at the beginning. We can also just edit one or a few chapters, or even several pages, as opposed to the full document.

What are the editing fees?

This is difficult to estimate without examining an example of the text to be edited, as there can be a very broad range of quality. We can, though, ensure that we are providing this service at affordable prices and with great value.

Can the editing services be expedited?

This is possible, though there are constraints. Please contact us for details.